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Annual Elections

The Division of Plasma Physics Nominating Committee posted here has recommended an excellent slate of candidates. DPP members shall elect a Vice Chair, a Secretary-Treasurer, and three Executive Committee members.

The Vice Chair will chair the Fellowship Committee the first year of office, will become Chair Elect and chair the Program Committee the second year, will become Chair of DPP the third year, and then serve as Past Chair in the fourth and final year of office. Please select one candidate for Vice Chair.

The Secretary-Treasurer and Members-at-Large of the Executive Committee will serve three-year terms. Please select one candidate for Secretary-Treasurer and three candidates for Members-at-Large of the Executive Committee. Brief biographical data and statements of the candidates appear online. Each DPP member may cast votes via an online ballot by using a unique URL emailed to each individual member. Please don't share your unique URL with others. Printed ballots will be mailed to DPP members who do not wish to receive email.

The deadline for receipt of ballots is mid-September.