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The American Physical Society supports the educational and outreach efforts of the Coalition for Plasma Science (CPS), a group of institutions, organizations, and companies joining resources to increase awareness and understanding of plasma science and its many applications and benefits for society. The educational portion of the CPS website includes:

  • A Teacher's Guide to Plasma Science on the Web is your entryway to information about plasmas. Designed by teachers for teachers.

  • Plasmas are Everywhere is a flyer that illustrates how plasmas, surround us and affect our lives. From fluorescent lights to nuclear fusion ‚ you and your students will find this flyer entertaining as well as educational.

  • ABOUT PLASMAS is a series of two-page descriptions written for the nonscientist about specific plasma phenomenon or applications. From earth biology to space sciences, plasmas can have a part. Be informed.

  • The CPS Plasma Page is a compilation of recent plasma news.

  • EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES archives events aimed at increasing public awareness of plasma science and applications. Capitol Hill luncheons, receptions, and exhibits highlight this portion of the CPS site.

We invite you to visit the CPS site to learn more about the fascinating science and applications of plasmas.