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Katherine Weimer - Past Recipients

2002: Professor Yu Lin of Auburn University “For creative and significant contributions to theoretical and computational research in nonlinear physics in the boundary layers of space plasmas.
2005: Dr. Elena Belova of Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory “For pioneering analytical and numerical contributions to the fundamental physics of magnetically confined plasmas.
2008: Dr. Lin Yin of Los Alamos National Laboratory “For major contributions to the understanding of instabilities and magnetic reconnection in space plasmas and of the physics of relativistic laser-plasma interactions through complex modeling.
2011: Dr. Yuan Ping of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory “For pioneering experiments to explore the interaction of high-intensity laser light with matter, including the demonstration of amplification of ultrashort laser pulses by the resonant Raman scheme.
2014: Professor Anne White, Massachusetts Institute of Technology “For fundamental contributions to the understanding of turbulent transport in tokamaks through development and application of electron cyclotron emission diagnostics and insightful comparison of plasma fluctuations with gyrokinetic simulation predictions.”