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Thank-you for your interest in supporting the endowment of the Maxwell prize, the most prestigious prize for Plasma Physics in the American Physical Society.

We are delighted with the response to our appeal so far. The generosity of our donors is acknowledged in the
Acknowledgements page.
But we still need a final push, and we ask for your help

The Division of Plasma Physics will match dollar-for-dollar donations towards its endowment, up to an amount of $70,000. Donations to that amount, once matched, would be sufficient to endow the prize. The Division recognizes donations at different levels, as individuals and organizations are able:

$10,000 or more Founder
$3,000 or moreSustainer
$1,000 or moreSupporter
$300 or moreContributor
$100 or moreDonor

Each of these will be acknowledged (by name if you wish) in the acknowledgement web page. In addition, "Supporters" will be included in a list of givers thanked at the Chairman's reception and the Annual Business meeting, "Sustainers" will be invited to the Division Chairman's annual reception and given specific recognition there with an opportunity for a brief statement. "Founders" will be recognized by the central APS office and in the APS annual report, and acknowledged on an ongoing basis in the prizes and awards booklet.

We hope you will take up the DPP challenge of matching your donation. If you wish to mail us a check, make it payable APS Division of Plasma Physics; send it to our Secretary-Treasurer, William W. Heidbrink, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of California Irvine, CA 92697 and mark it to be for the "Maxwell Prize Endowment".

If you prefer to donate on line, or directly to APS, go to the APS links below.
Link to member's online donation form
Link to non-member's online donation form
If you use the APS member page, which helps us to know who you are, you'll have to enter your APS username and password. If you don't know those off hand, click on the forgotten username/password link and they'll be emailed to you. Once you get through to the main donation page, choose Maxwell Prize and follow the instructions.